The Chairman is always in charge.

The Chairman does not cast a vote unless the vote of the council is a tie.

To discuss an item, the Chairman will introduce the topic and then say, “I would entertain a discussion about…”

The Chairman determines when the discussion is over and if it is time for the council members to cast a vote.  To cast a vote, the Chairman will say, “I would entertain a motion to/for…”

  • A member of the council will then say, “I would like to make a motion to…” and then says EXACTLY what the proposed action should be.
  • Another member must second the motion by saying, “Seconded” or “I second the motion.”
  • The Chairman will then say, “It has been moved and seconded.  All in favor, say “aye;” those opposed say “nay.”  An official count of each is taken.  If the item or motion gets the majority of votes, the Chairman will say, “Motion carries.”  If the motion does not get enough votes, the Chairman says, “Motion fails.”