The Purpose of our crockett home

The family is by divine design a sacred and special tool Heavenly Father uses to accomplish His work, which is “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”  Eternal Life means living again eternally with God and also like God–meaning we will be doing what He’s doing and like He’s doing them.  Much is revealed in His request for us to address Him as “Father.”

Our home, then, should be a place where Heavenly Father’s work can be done.  In the Crockett home, our goal is to have a home where the Spirit of the Lord resides.  We need the Spirit in our home so that it is a place of safety and refuge for all who live or enter here.  Therefore, the over-arching rule governing behavior in our home is “keep the Spirit here.”  Behavior that brings the Spirit is good.  Behavior taking away the Spirit is bad.  In spiritual terms, whatever causes the Spirit to leave is sin.  In worldly standards, actions which cause the Spirit to leave are illegal in our home.

Governing Principles

As we counsel together and examine ideas and possibilities, these should always be placed against the backdrop of the question, “what’s best for our family?”  We will know we’re moving in the right direction because we will feel a spirit of unity (see D&C 107:27-31, Moses 1:39).  As we counsel together, please keep in mind these procedural rules and principles.

  • Do not speak while someone else is speaking.
  • Give your full attention to the discussion.
  • If you have a comment about what someone is saying, do not interrupt.  Raise your hand, and the Chairman will give you time to respond.
  • You are free to agree or disagree with other family member’s ideas and suggestions, but personal attacks are not tolerated and considered “out of order.”


Family Council Oct 1 17

Crockett Family Council Agenda